The Berlin Wall: Images 1973 to present von Karl L. Lange

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"Lange is one of the few photographers to have dealt with the Wall to any serious degree – a photo collection well worth seeing." Berliner Abendblatt "This visual journey through time along the Wall clearly documents the insanity of it – and the transformation of Berlin reunited." SPIEGEL online


The Berlin Wall lives on to this day, the gashes cut through the city and the concrete remains still bearing witness to the schism inflicted on Berlin from 1961 to 1989. Karl-Ludwig Lange, one of the most well-known photographers of the present, took photographs of the Wall in the seventies and at the time of Reunification in 1990 in a poignant visual record of the wounds that the border fortifications ripped into the city. Fifteen years after the fall of the Wall, Lange began to shoot photographs at the same places for comparison, and has continuously documented the process of change up to the present day. His images show a revival of life in what used to be no man's land, but also those deserted corners that time itself seems to have forgotten. This new revised edition captures new changes from recent years in images previously unpublished – a unique photographic side-by-side comparison between the Wall then and now.


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