Action Research in a Balance Between Theory and Practice

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  Action Research in a Balance Between Theory and Practice. As a Symbol of German Reunification 

This enquiry includes German philology, philosophy, psychology, and pedagogy in order to implement improvements by learning, self-discipline, understanding and reflection. This report reveals erosions of personality and family-relationships through infringements of human rights by the State Secret Police in the former East Germany. Through the research and self-directed and practical actions, we can grasp Whitehead's living contradiction. I adopted Tian and Laidlaw's step-by-step guide to complete the five action research-cycle questions. This complex process is illuminated by its historical background, access to Stasi records and picture-footage from Hoheneck Prison. The report seeks after truth, justice, and peace; it holds a mirror up to Germany's past. The text is dedicated to all, but particularly to those who suffered under the GDR regime, and serves both as ethnographic research and as a transparent banner of hope for human wellbeing and world peace.



Anke Jauch, b. Leipzig 1959; arrested 1980; freed 1981; Snatched by the Stasi 2007; lectures; co-author Forgotten Victims of the Wall; research-report in e-Journal (EJOLTS) 2010.

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